A few good ideas when seeking a carpet cleaner!

1. Check a company's website. Fly-by-nights never have one.


2. ONLY hire a dedicated company. Why hire a multi that has no clue about carpet cleaning when you can hire a specialist ? Hard surface cleaning and textile cleaning are worlds apart and no "machine" can do the job without being in the hands of a trained tech.


3. ALWAYS read the bottom line, and ask for the WHOLE price. Some companies have as many as 7 additional charges, usually doubling the advertised "Low" price! MANY companies victimize those who are searching for "the cheapest price" and slam you with "extra" charges once they are in your home. This should be considered a scam and we do not victimize our customers with this dirty practice. If they cannot give you a price without a huge time investment from you, it's a scam.


4. If you find yourself not understanding what the person on the other end of line is talking about, there's a good chance they don't know either and you're hearing babble or a sales pitch. It should be clear and easy to grasp.


5. ALWAYS avoid any company trying to use "fear tactics" to "sell" you their system or company. No competent professionals do this.

Time and money Saving Tips