Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Restore the beauty and cleanliness of your carpets and upholstery.  We bring  years of experience to every job that we do.


Stain/Odor Removal

Odors, stains and really horrible looking carpets are often restorable through our methods and we have a great track record of success!  


Wool Rug Cleaning

WE have no problem properly cleaning and treating your wool and area rugs ! Wool has different requirements in heat, PH and cleaning technique to insure that they are not damaged. We have no problem providing that special care.


Fabric Treatments

Ask about our various treatments. We can treat for anti-staining or our basic treatment that comes free with each job is the PH balancing of your carpet to give it a "soft hand" as it is known in the industry,  so it is soft and luxurious to walk on again.



Commercial Buildings

With our powerful truck-mounted system and trained techs, rest assured that we will deliver the results that make YOU happy.


Residential Carpets

Whether you are just freshening your carpets or require a disaster cleanup, we are your first choice for the best results possible! Guaranteed!!


STUDENTS !! We are the only carpet cleaning company in Victoria to specifically offer a student discount !