Carpet Health

We follow the guidelines in "The Carpet Cleaning Standard" and as a result, your carpets recieve the treatment that is recommended to not void Stainmaster warranties and in general gives them a longer life, greater soil resistance and a more luxurious, soft feel.  This is a result of following the crucial step outlined in TSFCC that states that a rinse that balances the PH and neutralizes the cleaners is to be done on every job.Even without the TSFCC, we would do this because not to is just negligant and harmful to your carpet.


ALWAYS ask your carpet cleaner if they use a PH balancing rinse. IF plain water is used, most of the chemicals STAY in your carpet, as water CANNOT remove them (or the soils they are supposed to dislodge) and the PH is left high, which attracts soils and the fibers becomes dull instead of residue free, bright and soft.

A proper rinse neutralizes the cleaning solutions in the fabric, making them available for rinsing out. It also balances the PH (crucial) and conditions the fibers. Every professional does this and those who do not are NOT considered professional by the industry.


We use Pro grade Enzymes to really nail those food based soils, as well as regular soils !  Enzymes REQUIRE liquid to be activated or they simply do not become active and do their job. As a result of this the highly chemical "dry" companies CANNOT USE THEM, just one more reason steam extraction has literally NO comparable competition.


 Citrus extract (D'limonene)  is SOLELY a grease cutter with a nice smell,  it's one and only use is a natural SOLVENT,  pure and simple. We do not recommend using anything with that in it unless your carpets are filled with grease, either natural or manmade as it will strip the integrity from your carpets and kind of "eat" the fiber. Solvents strip the lanolin out of wool in a heartbeat as well.



Homes with properly cared for carpets have 500 times cleaner air than homes with no carpets at all. Carpet acts as an air filter and traps airborne particles until you have time to vacuum them up. Without the filtering protection of carpets these particles blow up into the breathing zone merely by walking through the room. Just common sense really!